The Last of Us multiplayer project to be seen at the Summer Game Fest

The Last of Us multiplayer project to be seen at the Summer Game Fest
Written by June Parikh

Last year, players were asked to be patient until Naughty Dog unveiled their next project. This seems to be on schedule and the premiere is imminent.

What is meant, of course, is the multiplayer project in The Last of Us universe, which is expected to be presented at this year’s Summer Game Fest. The project was first hinted at last year, while hinting at another year before it’s ready to go public.

The fact that they are actually aiming for the Summer Game Fest can be deduced from a recent tweet by Game Director Kurt Margenau, who wrote in line with the Summer Game Fest teaser: “The next one.”

Of course, one could argue about what exactly Naughty Dog means here. Your own project, the Summer Game Fest or something completely different? For now, it sounds like Margenau is referring to the upcoming multiplayer project, which already seems to be his favorite.

After all, production has recently mastered important milestones, which means that development is progressing rapidly. Here is what Naughty Dog commented:

Later this year we will start presenting some details about our ambitious multiplayer game.”

This basically puts everything together and you will soon be able to take a first real look at it.

By the way, the Summer Game Fest starts this June and is again spread over several weeks.

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