In terms of performance, Dead Island 2 is a prime example

Written by June Parikh

Already in the reviews of Dead Island 2 the excellent performance of the game was repeatedly mentioned, which is now also confirmed in technical tests.

According to Digital Foundry, who specialize in it, the zombie slasher runs exceptionally well on current consoles without having to make any major compromises.

On PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, this means Dead Island 2 runs at a stable 60fps with a resolution of 3072×1728 pixels. 60fps is also kept constant on the Xbox Series S, albeit at a lower resolution of 1080p. The PS4 version comes off just as well with 1080p at a stable 30fps, as well as the PS4 Pro at 2560×1440 pixels and 30fps.

No visual compromises made

Additionally, it is mentioned that there is little visual loss on the last-gen versions, including textures and shadows, which are only slightly sharper at higher resolutions.

All in all, Dead Island 2 is certified as an excellent technical implementation that is worth playing.

“Given the long history of development that saw the game change developers multiple times, the fact that Dead Island 2 works so well on every Xbox and PlayStation machine of the last and current generation should be celebrated. The game certainly feels like a last-gen release, a PS4 and Xbox One game beautified for newer systems, but its “spooky fun” principle and flashy body physics shine regardless of platform – which it does too a sequel worth playing.”


This makes Dead Island 2 one of the surprise hits this year that you would not have expected in this way. If you count yourself among the target group addressed, you won’t go wrong with the purchase.

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