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RE4 – Analysis of the gameplay from Gameinformer

Written by Marek

There is not much time left before the release of the RESIDENT EVIL 4 remake, which means that CAPCOM will gradually unwind its advertising campaign, not without the help of specialized media, of course. The first to familiarize the masses with the new details were journalists from Gameinformer, whom the Japanese developers invited to visit. Sometime later, on the Gameinformer YouTube channel, a recording of the gameplay of the fifth chapter of the remake (which corresponds to chapter 2-2 in the original) and its time in more detail was posted.

The action starts after the video in the church, Ashley has already been released, here you can immediately see the difference with the original, where we found ourselves outside after a bombastic conversation with the cult leader. This time we will have to get out of the building on our own, in addition to the banal solution of the issue by force, you can use the stealth mechanics, which resemble that of The Evil Within, the way to interact with Ashley is immediately demonstrated, Leon, can give her a lift so that she lowers the stairs to us.

After a heroic landing outside, like Batman, we are shown another small innovation, now negotiations with our liaison – Ingrid Hannigan are conducted directly during the game, and do not pause the game as it was before, most likely negotiations with other characters will take place in the same way.

You can look at the map in a little more detail, given that enough time has passed between the original and the remake, this was reflected in the technical part when designing locations, now there are no more black screens and loading when moving from one location to another, the world has become more “seamless” “. The door connecting the village center and the farm will open like a regular door to a random house, between the farm and the house, where we will meet with Luis and there are no obstacles at all when escaping to the evacuation point. Although the legend of the map was not revealed to us, some of the icons are quite clearly readable, you can see the location of the merchant, typewriters, as well as the location of items that were not picked up during the journey through the locations, as it was in previous remakes. The map has an element resembling blue medallions,

Immediately we are shown a system of side tasks, about which journalists recently told. In the first case, this is the destruction of the emblems in the tombstones in the cemetery, in the second, it is the destruction of the mutated dog near the headman’s estate, the reward for the tasks in these two cases are spinel stones, which were scattered in large numbers throughout the locations in the original, but in the remake, they still act one currency. After selecting the leaflet, the place/purpose of execution will be shown on the map.

Returning to one of the most controversial decisions in the updated four – knives, I would like to note that, apparently, there will be plenty of their variations in the game, as hinted at by the drop of a kitchen knife from a ganado woman, whom Leon quietly kills. The knife can neutralize the opponent who grabbed Ashley without consequences, in the original, such manipulations could lead to the end of the game if the player inadvertently misses the enemy and hits the girl, although this problem could always be solved by shooting slow ganados in the legs.

Taking into account the large arsenal of the hero, the choice of weapons was redesigned, now it is not necessary to climb into the case every time, it will be enough to press the arrow on the gamepad or the number on the keyboard to switch from a shotgun to a grenade, rifle, etc. in the selector.

The economy in the game has changed, so for some treasures, you can now get fewer pesetas than before, for example, an elegant decoration now costs 7000 instead of 10000, and RPG now costs as much as 80000 instead of 30000, in addition to this, it will probably be possible to sell unnecessary quest items, for a key with the emblem can also help out a little, but judging by the amount of money at the time of the passage, we will not lack them.

You can also see new crafting recipes here and now the number of cells occupied by weapons is displayed, so you won’t be able to buy and play Tetris at the same time.

The ability to get to the location in several ways adds variety to the gameplay, the video shows one of the options for returning to the center of the village, which the developers showed to journalists, it implies a ground path through the buildings and takes the player to the left side relative to the center of the village, the merchant is also located near the entrance to the building, and not in the tunnel-transition as it was before. The underground method of penetration has not gone anywhere either, it has become a little shorter and, as a result, leads to a well located not far from the center, this small area can be found on the map under the Town Hall location.

During the battle at the evacuation point, a new enemy is shown in action – a ganado with a bull’s head, and if I understood the journalists correctly, then he will meet repeatedly during the village adventures.

Bullman, chelobyk, Bullman, beef head… Perhaps he will also have a cool name, like his colleague in the shop – Doc Salvador.

Of the small details, they showed the inlay of objects on the example of an elegant mask, even taking into account all the stones, the cost is less than in the original.

The save points will have a box to store items, as it was in parts 2-3.

And that’s probably all, in the near future we expect even more material from various media and possibly CAPCOM themselves, and a demo is just around the corner.
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