Gran Turismo 7 VR is “amazing” and a must-have

Gran Turismo 7 VR is "amazing" and a must-have

While the marketing for PlayStation VR2 hasn’t really started yet, you can gradually gather some impressions of the games. Recently there are new insights into Gran Turismo 7 VR, which is described as ” overwhelming “.

The simulation was recently tried out by IGN, who drove a virtual DeLorean as part of a demo. The experience was so convincing that you only noticed that you were virtually on the road after there were no physical sensations when you braked hard.

Although the headset tries to simulate real sensations using haptic feedback, for example when the car crashes into barriers, it is here at the latest that you realize that the whole thing has its limits.

Technically convincing across the board

Nevertheless, Gran Turismo 7 VR would run without any problems with its 120fps, even if individual details are lost compared to the PS5 version. This is especially true for the menu, which doesn’t look as “crispy” anymore. Otherwise, many things are identical to the PS5 version.

In the end, one comes to the conclusion that one will have an overwhelming experience here and Gran Turismo 7 VR will be a must-have title. The experience and hardware would be equally convincing here.

Incidentally, IGN was played with the DualSense controller, but regular steering wheels are also supported for maximum realism. That was already a real highlight with the original PS VR and Gran Turismo, especially the kart races, which could hardly be more realistic.

Gran Turismo 7 VR will be available when PlayStation VR2 launches this February.

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