4 years of Apex Legends

Written by Marek

On February 4, 2019, exactly 4 years ago, Apex Legends was suddenly introduced and immediately released.

Of course, the game is not in the best condition right now. Lack of interesting events, the same “Control” mode at collection events, and the longest season (> 90 days), but now it’s not a bad thing.

Exactly 4 years ago, Apex Legends came out and made an instant sensation, the result of which was 50 million players who played in a month. This is of course the merit of not only a sudden announcement, but also marketing, when EA bought ads from streamers, held a tournament, and the game itself, which came out in a polished state.

There was not enough content in the zero and first seasons, because of this, by the second season, the number of players had decreased quite a lot, but the developers managed to find a way to support the game, so by the 5th season, the player fan base began to grow again.

New maps, guns, legends were added, and sometimes radical balance changes in season 6 in the form of a reduced TTC (which was quickly returned to the previous level due to criticism from the players), but in general, the game continued to grow in audience.

By 2023, 4 maps, 15 legends were released, the interface was redesigned, a bunch of skins and other cosmetics. Mobile Apex, a game set in the Titanfall (read Titanfall 3) universe with Apex Legends, has been released and canceled and still hasn’t introduced cross-progression.

The game is still full of problems, but this does not prevent it from being still fun and one of the best battle royales on the market. Season 0 Kings Canyon still evokes nostalgia for the old days without the coronavirus and *you know what*.

This text is rather a reflection on the path of Apex for 4 years, a game that will always be pleasant to play and evoke positive emotions. One of the rare examples when EA managed not to ruin the project, but to let it develop and get better.

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