About us

Welcome to IndieGameBar! We’re a duo of gaming writers from Poland. Our mission is to bring joy and laughter to the gaming community, one pixel at a time through our writings.

Meet Bartłomiej (Editor in chief): The Master of Mayhem This guy knows his way around a keyboard and mouse, but he’s also a master of chaos. When he’s not busy fragging noobs, he’s probably eating pizza, playing with his cat, or trying to convince his mom that gaming is a real job.

Meet Marek (Loves to write): Marek is an enthusiastic gamer from Poland with a passion for PC gaming and bikes. With his broad knowledge of the gaming industry and his ability to stay up-to-date, he is a reliable source of gaming news. His passion for both, gaming and biking, is reflected in his articles. When I’m not saving the world from evil villains or racing against time, you can find me munching on pizza and sipping on a soda. My superpower? Spotting a hidden Easter egg from a mile away. He mostly covers news related to PC Gaming and also will slide in a few tips and tricks articles alongside.

Disclaimer: Any similarities to real-life individuals, living or dead, are purely coincidental and should not be taken seriously. Unless you’re one of the authors, then it’s totally true.

The snacks are always flowing!